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Student Oriented Teaching

The main aims of EDELNet are common teaching activities as well as the enhancement of cultural exchange and internationalisation of high quality education in law for all three Bologna cycles (Bachelor, Master and PhD). One important pillar reaching these goals is the implementation of an ambitious scientific and pedagogic concept of Blended Active Learning and student oriented teaching facilitating a personal learning path with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and intercultural communication skills as a basis for a better understanding of each other’s legal cultures and practices throughout Europe and beyond. In order to guarantee quality and a diversity sensitive implementation of all EDELNet teaching activities, the project includes staff training activities which aim to improve the competence and skills of our teaching and management staff.

For staff members of the partnership universities we offer in the space of time from December 2016 to February 2017 the training “Student oriented teaching”. Participants will follow a blended learning course in student oriented teaching in Moodle. During that period they will study relevant theories and examples and make online exercises. Finally they will attend a seminar, which will be from 2. to 4. February 2017 in Maastricht. The aim of the training is to help teachers to design and create good teaching materials and events, based on the concept of student oriented teaching. Furthermore participants have the opportunity to reflect and advance their style of teaching.

If you are interested contact Dr. Juan J. Garcia Blesa ( Number of participants is limited.