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eLetter #1 | December 2015

The European Distance Education in Law Network
Summer School for Bachelor students
Summer School for Master students

eLetter #2 | May – June 2016

Legal Aspects of the Dutch Financial Services Complaints Institute
EU regulations and the margin of appreciation by the Dutch criminal court
Freedom of expression, hate speech and direct incitement
“I swear or affirm by my conscience and honour”
Texts and speeches in the formation of colombian law 1777-1820

eLetter #3 | July – October 2016

Walking into the classroom
Order! Order!
Differences between Parliamentary and Presidential system
Formation of contract
Introduction to the CISG and applicability
You can vote but you cannot choose

eLetter #4 | November 2016 – February 2017

EDELNet at the Masstricht Innovation Days
PhD Winter School in Madrid: A report
Student Oriented teaching: training the teachers
About the next edition of Summerschools

eLetter #5 | March 2017 – September 2017

Erasmus + Project, 2017 Moot Court
Obligations in the international sales agreement
Rights in the international sales agreement
Formation of contract
The balance between democracy and the rule of law
Case study: Political reform of the Republic of Transdanubia
Introduction to the CISG and applicability
Some notes from the Center of the UNED in Malaga