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Legal Implications of Brexit 2017 in Hagen


Modelled on the philosophy of Ordo-Liberalism, an offshoot of classical liberalism, the European Union strongly relies on the existence and stable operation of a legal system that can regulate free market and help achieve the expected economic, social and political outcomes. After many decades of tight economic, social and political relations regulated by a common legal system under the umbrella of the EU, the British withdrawal from the Union could represent a serious blow for the aspirations of stability in the Continent, especially against the backdrop of the current European crisis. Many fear this event could open up a Pandora’s Box of severe problems in the EU. What impact will Brexit have on the rights of EU and UK citizens? How is it going to affect the legal regulation of present and future economic relations between the EU and the UK and how will this affect such relations in turn? These and similar questions were addressed in this conference by four panels of international legal experts and researchers from five universities from Europe, UK and USA.

Conference on the Legal Implications of Brexit
November 8th and 9th 2017
FernUniversität in Hagen // IZ, Rooms D 05/06 // Universitätsstraße 1 // 58097 Hagen // Germany

November 8th

Welcome adresses by:

Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert, Rector of FernUniversität in Hagen

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Zwiehoff, Dean Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Karl August Prinz von Sachsen Gessaphe, Director of IRB



Keynote Speeches:

Prof. Dr. Peter Schiffauer, Constitutional requirements and precedures in case of Member State’s withdrawal from the European Union

Prof. Dr. Michael A. Lawrence, A Transatlantic Perspective on Brexit

EU Constitutional Law:

Mrs. Carol Howells and Mr. Edwin Parks,  The repatriation of exclusive competences from EU to post-Brexit United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Dominik Steiger, Brexit – What‘s Public International Law got to do with It

Mrs. Anne Wesemann, European Union citizens in Post EU Britain

Mr. Michiel van Oosterzee, National Citizenship

Prof. Dr. Carla Zoethout, Yet another Brexit: this time of the European Convention of Human Rights?

Bunyamin Kaya, The right to Access Justice for EU Nationals

EU Common Market Law/ Intellectual Property Law

Prof. Dr. Barbara Völzmann-Stickelbrock, The British exit from the EU – Legal consequences for European intellectual property rights

Mr. Edwin Parks: The European United Patent Court and UK assumptions on its post-Brexit patent litigation

November 9th

EU Common Market / Company Law

Mr. Edwin Parks, Brexit and Implications for UK Companies

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wackerbarth, The Consequences of Brexit for Company Law

PD Dr. Bernhard Kresse, The Consequences of Brexit for Company Law

Prof. Dr. Eva Dominguez, EU Common Market Law and intellectual Property Law, Brexit Comparative Advertising

EU Common Market / Labour Law

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Tillmanns, Discrimination based on nationality in German employment law – The position of British job applicants and employees after the Brexit

Dr. Paul Melot de Beauregard, Inter-Company Transfer – The treatment of employee data within multinationals after the Brexit

Prof. Dr. Karl August Prinz von Sachsen Gessaphe, The impact of Brexit on the prorogation of jurisdiction in favour of British Courts under Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012

Dr. Rhonson Salim, Brexit – Implications for commercial litigation in the region

Dr. Frank Spohnheimer, The Choice of English Law after Brexit