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[EVENT] Distance Learning Institutions and cooperation within an international EU frame

Multiplier Event, Madrid, 22nd-23th November 2017,

In the scope of Erasmus + Project regarding Edelnet, during the 22nd and 23rd November 2017, it will be held the Multiplier Event, as agreed in the Project  Application  for Erasmus +, which will be developed under the title “Distance Learning Institutions and cooperation  within an international EU frame”.

The Multiplier Event will be hosted in Uned (Faculty of Law), Madrid (Spain), and it will have as its main aim the dissemination of information regarding the outputs that are involved in the Erasmus + project regarding EDELNet from its starting date till the current date (November 2017).

According to this aim, the Multiplier Event will deal with distance learning approaches in the international field, specially related to legal education. From this point of view, the Multiplier Event will deal with academic University Distance Learning, which will be contributed by the three Academic Institutions involved in EDELNet (Fer Universitat in Hagen, Germany; Open Universitat, The Netherlands; and Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Uned, Spain).

But also Distance Learning will be dealt within the Multiplier Event by non academic Institutions, which will contribute with their own experience and knowledge regarding distance learning and higher education. From this point of view, several Embassies (Embassy of Israel, Embassy of Poland, Embassy of Dominican Republic), non profit associations (Ferede), Officers Academy of Guardia Civil, and some Companies related also to distance learning (Gesfarm), are also invited to assist to the Multiplier Event and report the assistants about their mains performance areas which they are dealing with in the scope of their respective competences.

New Academic Institutions are also invited to the Multiplier Event to report the assistants to the Event the main areas and performance lines regarding international distance learning (Bologna University, Bologna, Italy; University Mykolas Romeris, Lithuania; and Open University UK), Universities which will be represented by two speeches belonging to both Universities mentioned.

The Multiplier Event will be held in two days (22nd and 23rd November 2017), in School of Law, Uned (Madrid, Spain), and it is considered to be an Event of the greatest importance in order to spread all the results EDELNet has already fulfilled within the Erasmus + Project, and also presents the assistants the main performance areas that will be developed in future joint EU Research Projects that are expected to be jointly developed.

Download the programme (PDF)

The event will be streamed includin live chat under the following link:


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