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Guest lecture: “Prosecution of gender-based crimes before the ICC: recent developments”

On March 22, at 19:00, Dr. Olga Jurasz, Senior Lecturer at Open University Law School (UK), will deliver within the framework of the EDELNet Graduate School an online guest lecture on the “Prosecution of gender-based crimes before the ICC: recent developments”.

1 July 2017 will mark the 15th anniversary of coming into force of the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court. In many respects, the ICC can be considered well equipped to prosecute gender-based crimes. However, the decisions of the ICC demonstrate some problematic aspects which raise questions about advancing justice for sexual and gender-based crimes. This lecture will reflect on the progress of the ICC in prosecuting gender-based crimes, with particular focus on the decision in Bemba and the ongoing cases of Dominic Ongwen and Bosco Ntaganda. It will also explore the key shortcomings in the way that the ICC has conceptualised gender-based crimes to date.

Dr. Jurasz has an outstanding record and a long experience as researcher at various British and European research institutions. Her research has focused mainly on the treatment of gender-based crimes in the context of armed conflict.

This activity inaugurates the first series of Guest Lectures of the EDELNet Graduate School. You can access the lecture room directly at  next Wednesday at 19:00 (CET).