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Hybrid Conference Proceedings of the MID 2017

The hybrid conference proceedings of the first multi-stakeholder event are now online. You can find all videos and presentations of the Masstricht Innovation Days 2017 in our eLibrary:

MID 2017 – Hybrid Conference Proceedings

It’s one of the main goals of distance teaching universities to broaden the access to higher education. Conferences play a major role in the distribution and conjunction of knowledge. Nevertheless, traditional forms of conferences are only available to a limited target group. In order to enable a broader access to conferences, all sessions and materials of the EDELNet conferences and multi-stakeholder workshops are accessible in hybrid forms. This means that sessions, discussions and presentations will be open to participants who are not physically present at the conference and virtual participants from around the world. All program parts of the mentioned activities are filmed and streamed in real-time. Virtual participants can attend the conference via web conferencing software. The videos of the conferences, the presentations and additional papers are archived on the EDELNet-Vortal and will remain accessible for interested groups in the academic community and the general public. The next event will take place in November 2017 in Madrid. You’ll find all information about the upcoming event and the online access guide in our news section.