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Registration – Legal Implications of Brexit

Modelled on the philosophy of Ordo-Liberalism, an offshoot of classical liberalism, the European Union strongly relies on the existence and stable operation of a legal system that can regulate free market and help achieve the expected economic, social and political outcomes. After many decades of tight economic, social and political relations regulated by a common legal system under the umbrella of the EU, the British withdrawal from the Union could represent a serious blow for the aspirations of stability in the Continent, especially against the backdrop of the current European crisis. Many fear this event could open up a Pandora’s Box of severe problems in the EU. What impact will Brexit have on the rights of EU and UK citizens? How is it going to affect the legal regulation of present and future economic relations between the EU and the UK and how will this affect such relations in turn? These and similar questions will be addressed in this conference by four panels of international legal experts and researchers from five universities from Europe, UK and USA.

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After the Welcome Address, two keynote speeches offering insights from the European constitutional point of view and from the perspective of the transatlantic relations will set the tone for the four discussion panels. The first panel will further explore the constitutional and human rights issues raised by the British withdrawal. The second panel will focus on different issues related to the internal market (intellectual property, patent law, company law, labour law, etc.). The third and fourth panels will deal with environmental and judicial cooperation in civil matters respectively.

This conference is the result of the growing collaboration between the EDELNet Partner Universities (FernUniversität Hagen-Germany, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia-Spain and Open Universiteit-Netherlands) and the Open University-UK. Thus, the event is not only conceived as an international academic debate on the topic of the conference but also as a networking event to encourage closer cooperation between the participants in the future. Therefore, the event will be combined with various side activities to stimulate active engagement and further networking and exchange among the participants. The programme also includes an interactive poster session where PhD researchers from the participating institutions will have an opportunity to present their projects and get feedback from other experts and researchers.


Conference on the Legal Implications of Brexit
November 8th and 9th 2017
FernUniversität in Hagen // IZ, Rooms D 05/06 // Universitätsstraße 1 // 58097 Hagen // Germany

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Juan J. Garcia Blesa, EDELNet project coordinator (Juan.GarciaBlesa [at]



The registration fee includes a dinner on November 8th and access to all panels.

Registrant Type Registration fee
Regular 70 EUR
Student/Doctorate student/Referendar*in 50 EUR


If you encounter technical problems during the registration process, you can contact us via e-mail (support.edelnet [at]

Regular registration (70 EUR incl. Dinner on Nov. 8th)Student/Doctorate student/Referendar*in registration (50 EUR incl. Dinner on Nov. 8th)



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