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Staff Training Activities

In order to guarantee quality and a diversity sensitive implementation of all EDELNet teaching activities, our project includes a nunmber of staff training activities which aim to improve the competence and skills of our teaching and management staff in these areas. These training activities focus on two challenges:

1) the cross-cultural nature of our academic community; and

2) the constant need to innovate and improve the didactic approach in legal education.

Consequently, EDELNet offers the following trainings for project staff:

Staff Training on Intercultural Communication

This activity includes the online preparation for and face-to-face participation in two seminars for the management staff and lecturers who will in turn participate in the development and implementation of the EDELNet project on all levels (LLB, LLM, PhD). In these seminars, participants will receive practical and theoretical knowledge of the different dimensions of intercultural communication (time and space perception, power distance, group relations, etc.) and their specific impact on their field of expertise. These training activities are conceived of as a tool for the staff to integrate the knowledge of intercultural communication into the following aspects of their work:

1) in their work as members of an international team of professionals, who have to work together and find out a common basis for the establishment of a common culture as a sustainable and genuine international teaching and research community;

2) as instructors of an international student body, that will also benefit from the intercultural communication skills integrated and transferred in turn by the professors both during the Intensive Study Programs and the Distant Teaching courses; and

3) as interdisciplinary scholars who will be able to identify and integrate the different dimensions of intercultural communication into their knowledge about law, enabling them and their students to develop more complete and culturally sensitive insights of diverse legal debates.

Staff training on Student Oriented Teaching

A central part of the EDELNet Project is the innovation and the quality of the teaching. This project activity includes the online preparation for and face-to-face participation in two seminars for the lecturers who will develop the distant teaching courses for the joint doctorate curriculum and guide the students in their learning paths. The knowledge and experience in online activating education varies throughout the teachers group. Moreover, the most recent developments are researched by the educational scientists affiliated to the partner universities. Experts on technology based learning by adult students (general as well as law teaching) will be involved to teach the teachers and to activate the group learning inside the teachers’ community.