Under the project „History and Philosophy of Euler Venn Diagrams“, settled at the FernUniversität in Hagen, regular workshops and conferences have been organised.

Public conferences supported by the FernUniversität in Hagen have been held so far:
1) „Mathematics, Logic and Language in Schopenhauer“, 7-8 Dec 2017, Hagen, Germany
2) „6th World Congress on the Square of Opposition“  1-5 Nov 2018, Crete, Greece
3) „History of Logic and its Modern Interpretation, 10-12 Dec 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4) „UNESCO World Logic Day 2021“, 14 Jan 2020, Hagen, Germany

The following conferences or workshops are planned for the coming years:
5) “Proof and Styles of Reasoning”, 5-6 April 2021, Crete, Greece
6) „Begriffe der Logik“ 28-30 June 2021, Leipzig, Germany
7) “Mathematical Proofs and Styles of Reasoning”, 25-31 July 2021, Prague, Czech Republic
8) „Logic and Religion in Schopenhauer“, 8-12 Nov 2021, Varanasi, India
9) „Diagrams and Intuition“ Spring 2022, L’Aquila, Italy