In what follows, all publications are listed which were produced in connection with the project „History and Philosophy of Euler-Venn Diagrams“ at the FernUniversität in Hagen.

From a historical perspective, the main thesis of the project is that there are three main periods in the history of logic in which Euler-Venn-type diagrams have been used, and that in each period separate systematic approaches have been discussed (cf. General papers). From a systematic perspective, the main thesis is that there are many diagram types in the history of logic that can be applied today in various sciences (cf. Modern applications).

The current focus of research is on Lange diagrams from the 2nd period (the modern form is called Calculus CL) and on Schopenhauer’s diagrammatic logic and eristic from 3rd period (the modern interpretation is called Schopenhauer diagrams).

General papers on history and philosophy of logic diagrams

1st Period: 1531–1611

2nd Period: 1660–1714

3rd Period: 1758–

Modern Applications

Calculus CL

Schopenhauer Diagrams