Instructions for formatation for papers in the
book series Studies in Universal Logic – SUL
Birkhäuser a.k.a. Springer, Swizterland
Papers can be written either in 1) Latex or in 2) Word.

For Latex, use the files „birkmult“ and „article“.

The file „The New Rising of the Square of Opposition“ is an example of paper published in a book of the SUL series.
It gives a more precise idea of formatation and shows that color pictures can be included for both print and elctronic versions of the book.

If you use Word, you have to format your paper so that it looks as much as possible as the paper „The New Rising of the Square of Opposition„.
In particular it is important to have the correct format for title (main, sections, subsections), names, bibliography, institution, e-mail, etc

Word Macros and Latex Templates can be downloaded using the following link:

Don’t forget to put an abstract, the keywords and MSC codes
You haver to give one „Primary“ code and up to five „Secondary“ codes.
A typical code has the format: 03A05. Be aware that something like 03Axx is not a code („x“ is a variable).