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The curriculum of the programme combines face-to-face and online training activities that are conceived to support PhD students during the different stages of their research projects. Students can either design their own learning path or participate in the programme as it has been structured by the Partner institutions:

Project Initiation Project Implementation Project Finalization Alumni Network
Goal: Plan research project
Support Activities: – PhD Intensive Study Programme – Binational tutoring – Online courses (intercultural awareness, research project management, a module of choice in legal research methods)
Goal: carry out research plans
Support Activities: – Binational tutoring – Online course on dissertation writing – Guest Lectures – Micro-Seminars – Peer teaching – Conferences
Goal: present research to the scientific community
Support Activities: – Dissemination of research results within & through the Graduate School – Networking activities regarding publication and further research development
Goal: further career by staying in touch with research community
Activities: Participate in new research projects and Graduate School activities.