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Graduate School

EDELNet is also a platform for the development the Partners’ international doctorate program funded by the DAAD-Erasmus+ Key Action 2 for Strategic Partnerships.

The doctorate activities planned in the EDELNet-Erasmus+ Project (2015-2018) are envisaged to be the first stage in the development of the EDELNet international doctorate program, which aims at implementing the following training concept:

Core Subjects

Our Program concentrates on the methodological competences necessary to deliver high quality research. This allows students to choose their research topics among a wider range of areas of law while remaining part of a common international network.

  • Doctrinal legal research methods:
    1. Main Jurisprudential Approaches
    2. Analysis of legal argumentation
  • Interdisciplinary research methods
    1. Socio-legal research
    2. Critical legal studies
    3. Law and economics
    4. Law, morality and intercultural communication
  • Comparative methods of legal research
  • Research methods in international law
  • Research methods in EU Law


The EDELNet Graduate School is specially focused on the learning of skills key to researchers in the current cross-cultural, knowledge-based society and economy. The Program, therefore, includes specific, practice-oriented training activities in order to provide our PhD candidates with the following skills:

  • Research project management
  • Legal English (advanced)
  • Intercultural communication
  • Public presentation & debate

Student Support

A central goal of the program is to offer PhD candidates access to an international network of academics and practitioners that will accompany and support their work and career both during and after their doctorate studies. For this purpose, the EDELNet PhD Program will offer:

  • Continued support through EDELNet online platform (consultations, forum, blog)
  • Binational supervision schemes
  • Stints of research at the partner universities
  • Publication strategy support
  • Alumni group and the possibility of further participation after completion of the program


Participants in the EDELNet Doctorate Program will see their training officially recognized in the form of:

  • Tri-national certificates for participation in ISPs and virtual courses
  • Possibility to opt for a Dr. Eur. Mention

Pedagogic concept

Our pedagogic concept revolves around two elements:

  • Blended Learning (virtual mobility combined with face-to-face activities)
  • Student-centered learning methods

Enrollment and Program Structure
The program structure is disigned to assist and accompany PhD candidates in the development and implementaion of their research projects along a 2.5 year-long program at the end of which students shall have completed or be close to completing their Doctorate dissertations.


The Program starts with the enrolment at the home university. Doctorate students already enrolled in any of the Partner universities are invited to join by submitting their applications to the Program Coordinator (see Application).

The application will include an outline of their research projects, using the official form, and a CV.

Preparatory Phase

Once enrolled, doctorate students must complete a number of activities that constitute a preparation for the rest of the program. These activities are:

  • Online Course on Advanced Legal English
  • Online Course on academic attitude and ethics
  • Face-to-face induction meeting at home institution

Semester 1

  • The first semester opens with two online courses on research project management and intercultural communication awareness;
  • Annual Doctorate Intensive Study Program – All EDELNet doctorate candidates will have the opportunity to attend a face-to-face intensive study program where they will participate in different seminars on legal research methods, present their projects and get feedback from professors and peers. The activity encompasses face-to-face training in advanced legal English, intercultural communication, public presentation and debate, and research project management skills. Travel and accommodation expenses of the participants will be covered by the Erasmus+ funding scheme.

Semesters 2 & 3

  • During the development and implementation of their research projects, doctorate candidates will have the opportunity to take different online courses on the core subject of the program;
  • Students will also have access to a pool of professors and instructors that will help them with any questions they might have on research methods, the subject-matter of their dissertations or any other competences and skills offered by the program. During this period, students also get the opportunity to apply for bi-national supervision;
  • Attendance to the Annual Doctorate Intensive Study Program is still open in this period, although restricted in order to guarantee participation of all new students.

Semester 4

This semester is entirely devoted to the implementation of each candidate’s research project. Participation in the above mentioned schemes of supervision and support will provide candidates with further assistance and help them fufil their plans in due time.

Semester 5

Doctorate candidates having completed or being close to completing their dissertations will be invited to present the results of their research at the Annual Doctorate Intensive Study Program. Their participation at this stage aims to:

1) allow students to gain confidence and more feedback on the clarity and quality of their presentations with a view to preparing them for their viva voce or defense; and

2) get new candidates acquainted with the end stages of the program and learn more about it directly from senior peers. This should also enhance the opportunities of all participants to further integrate in the EDELNet Doctorate community during and after completion of the program.